Heinz Cleaning Vinegar

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Heinz Cleaning Vinegar

Heinz Vinegar History

The H. J. Heinz company was founded in 1869 by Henry J. Heinz. Early on, the company manufactured its own vinegar to use in making pickles, sauces, and other condiments.
Seeing the opportunity, Heinz began bottling the vinegar to sell it to the public. Not only was it sold in bottles, but it was also sold out of oak casks at grocery stores.
Store bought vinegar was recognized as a great convenience in those days and Heinz promoted the fact that they could produce a much cleaner product than what someone might make at home.
And so the famous brand of vinegar was born.
Even today, Heinz makes vinegar using the same recipe it has used for over 140 years!

What Is Different About Cleaning Vinegar?

Heinz Cleaning Vinegar is made from grain just like their distilled white vinegar. The difference is that the cleaning vinegar has been reduced to 6% acidity instead of the 5% acidity of the standard white vinegar. This may not seem like much of a difference, but understand that this means that it is 20% stronger than the regular vinegar.
The extra strength comes in handy when you need to remove some really tough stains. And even though it is stronger, it is still safe. It actually says on the bottle “safe for cooking, perfect for cleaning.”

What About 20% Vinegar?

You may run across vinegar that is 20% acidity or higher. This type of vinegar is used as an organic weed killer and is not recommended for household use. Vinegar with an acidity higher than around 10% can cause burns to the skin and blindness if it gets in the eyes. This is not something you would want in the house, especially around children.

Where Can I Buy Heinz Cleaning Vinegar?

I picked up my gallon at Walmart. In my store, it was on the same aisle as the regular vinegar. Most people are saying that this is where they are finding it as well. If I see it in other stores, I will update this post to let you know. Please leave a comment if you find it in other stores in your area.

What Can I Use Cleaning Vinegar For?

This article is just intended as a short introduction to the Heinz product. Therefore, I will not go into detail here about cleaning with vinegar or the hundreds of other uses that exist for this product.
But never fear.
I will be posting many recipes that will use this product. I just felt that before I started posting cleaning supply recipes that contain Heinz Cleaning Vinegar, that it would be appropriate to give it a proper introduction.
In the meantime visit the Heinz Cleaning Vinegar page for some quick tips.
Heinz also has some kitchen cleaning tips here.

Final Thoughts

It is great that Heinz saw the need for this product and made it available to the market. Vinegar is so very versatile and we will explore the many ways that it can be used in the home.
Due to this being an extra-strength vinegar, it will be our go-to vinegar product. We can use it full strength if need be or dilute it as necessary. This gives us more flexibility in our recipes.
Feel free to leave your comments, tips, or feedback.

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